Are you an Avid Reader?

Kindle Unlimited unlocks endless reading possibilities!

I admit it, I read A LOT. Sometimes a book a day if I’m feeling ambitious! So for me, a Kindle Unlimited subscription was a no-brainer! Unlimited books for $11.99 a month? Sign me up!

I have had a membership since 2019 and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been averaging 150-200 books per year, so it’s worth every penny!

What type of books are included?

Honestly, a little of everything! Kids books, magazines, thrillers, romance, biographies, Amazon Originals, comics… so many titles available! Read them on a Kindle device or using the Kindle app. There are over 4 million titles to choose from!


Does it include “big name” authors?

Simple answer is…sometimes. You won’t see every Colleen Hoover book under the sun available on Kindle Unlimited, but once in a while, they pop up! Kindle Unlimited is a fantastic way to explore new or up and coming authors.


What about Audiobooks?

Prefer to listen on your commuite? Audiobooks are included too! 


Have questions about Kindle Unlimited? Ask away in the comments?

Follow the link to get started with your prepaid plan ranging from 6-24 months.

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